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Blues Album-Memphis Slim: “ At the Gate of Horn”

Memphis Slim-(September 3, 1915-February 24, 1988) was born John Len Chatman in Memphis, Tennessee.  His father was named Peter Chatman. Peter Chatman was a pianist and this helped to inspire Memphis Slim to take up the piano as his instrument of choice. Memphis Slim developed into one of the finest songwriters and the history of […]

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John Mayall: “Bluesbreakers With Eric Clapton” by Michael Wolf Ingmire

Blues artist John Mayall has been called “The Godfather of the British Blues” scene.  From the early 1960’s through his current band his groups have been the trying ground for some of the greatest guitarists in the history of the Blues. John Mayall has had an innate talent for spotting and nurturing talent. It also […]

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Freddie King-Dance with Freddie King By Michael Wolf Ingmire

For Blues guitarists coming to maturity in the 1960’s, Freddie King (September 3, 1934-December 28, 1976) was one of the most influential Blues guitarists to come out of Texas. Freddie King possessed a marvelous singing voice. But  the greatest impression that Freddie King made in the early 1960‘s were with his finely crafted,and danceable, instrumentals. […]

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Muddy Waters Fathers and Sons By Michael Wolf Ingmire

Muddy Waters, is considered by many musicians and Blues fans as being the Godfather of Chicago Blues.  Howlin’ Wolf might have disagreed with that assessment and singer/harmonica player Junior used the same moniker after Muddy’s death. None of that really matters though. Muddy Waters was an amazing figure in American Blues, with his deep, almost […]

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Blues Album-Junior Wells ”Hoodoo Man Blues” By Michael Wolf Ingmire

Junior Wells, ( December 9, 1934-January 15, 1998) was one of foremost players of Chicago Blues harmonica. His early work as a member the Muddy Waters was enough to guarantee him a place in music history. However, Junior Wells was not meant to be anyone’s sideman. He possessed an incredible voice that was matched by […]

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