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Otis Rush – Most Excellent Electric Blues Guitarists

Born in April 1935, blues guitarist Otis Rush is one of the most excellent electric blues guitarists the world has ever known. His style is one of a very traditional blues sound with long sustained notes and lots of string bends. Some people have likened his playing to that of B.B. King or Magic Sam. […]

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Muddy Waters – Well known Names In The History Of Blues

Originally born McKinley Morganfield on April 4th, 1915, blues guitarist Muddy Waters is probably one of the most well known names in the history of blues. Most blues musicians consider blues guitarist Muddy Waters the father of the Chicago Sound and he is also the father of two other famous blues musicians; Big Bill Morganfield […]

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Eric Clapton -Well known Blues Musicians In Modern Times

Blues guitarist Eric Clapton is probably one of the most well known blues musicians in modern times. Originally a member of the famous Yard Birds (that also spawned such guitarists as Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck!). Clapton constantly receives reviews stating that he is one of the most influential guitarists ever to have lived. With […]

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Albert King – Proudly One Among Three Kings Of The Blues Guitar

Blues Guitarist Albert King is said to be one of the “Three Kings” of the blues guitar, along side B.B. King and Freddie King. Born in Indianola, Mississippi he was also known as “The Velvet Bulldozer”. He is an absolutely fantastic blues musician who adopted the trait of playing a right handed guitar left handed […]

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Robin Trower – English Rock Guitarist

Blues guitarist Robin Trower was born on March 9th of 1945 in Catford, South East London, England. He achieved early success as a guitarist for the rock group Procol Harum in the 1960s. He played for Procol Harum from 1967 until 1972. In 1973 Trower formed and became the band leader for the power trio […]

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