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Johnny Winter – An American Music Legend

Blues guitarist Johnny Winter was born in 1944 along with his brother Edgar Winter. Both the Winter boys showed an early aptitude for music and this gift was nurtured throughout childhood by their parents. Johnny is known for his distinct southern blues-rock type style and he is also somewhat known for his appearance as he […]

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Buddy Guy – An American Blues Music And Rock Music Guitarist

Blues guitarist Buddy Guy was born in a small town called Lettsworth in Louisiana. He learned guitar as a child on a home made instrument that had two strings called a Diddley Bow that he constructed himself. He later donated this instrument to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He has played with some […]

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B.B. King – Official Site The king of the Blues

B.B. King is probably the most famous or well-known blues guitarist in the world. It’s hard to think of blues guitar without thinking of B.B. King. He is a household name and has even lent his name to a series of Diabetic product commercials that you have no doubt seen if you live in North […]

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Earl Hooker – The worlds Famous American Blues Guitarist

Blues guitarist Earl Hooker hailed from a rural community in Quitman County, Mississipi that was just outside of Clarksdale. He moved to Chicago at the age of one and this was to be a very important move that would eventually expose the youngster to the world of Chicago Blues. A cousin of John Lee Hooker, […]

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Freddie King – An Original & The most Gifted Electric Blues Guitarist

Blues guitarist Freddie King was born on Sept 3, 1934 and died December 28, 1976. He was born as Frederick Christian but started recording under the name Freddie King and his nickname “The Texas Cannonball”. He based his style around the Chicago and Texas styles with Texas blues obviously having a large influence on his […]

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